Born and living in southern Italy, I grew up in touch with the wild beauty of nature and sea in my land. Since childhood I have taken interests in figurative arts and faced myself with various visual languages: photography, drawing, painting. I specialized in music and occasionally experienced in composing and theater.

Along my evolution in photography a will is constant for perceiving the world as much as possible, for making it my own through its details, for abstracting and decoding its basic systems.
I look at the world both in little things of daily existence and in the variety of life I discover by travelling. My shots inspect the deep meaning of things and try to detect the world’s soul, through the keys of beauty and oddity, emotions and contradictions, and by the filter of an unavoidable irony.

My photos got awards and book covers. They have been exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, USA, France.

More about my Portfolio and Exhibitions.

© Giancarlo Colloca