Altrove / Elsewhere



Model and Coauthor Tomo Sone

“ALTROVE – ELSEWHERE” è un progetto fotografico nato dalla collaborazione con Tomo Sone, ballerina e coreografa giapponese.
Distratti dalla potenzialità di comunicare a distanza che la tecnologia ci concede, a volte dimentichiamo di mettere a fuoco ciò che abbiamo dentro o di fronte a noi. Attratti dai led luminosi di uno schermo, sforzandoci forse di sembrare altro da ciò che realmente siamo, rischiamo di trascurare la nostra anima, la nostra vera essenza, di perderla di vista.
L’uso dei tempi lunghi per fotografare l’assenza di rapporto col proprio sé vuole mettere in luce l’appartenenza dell’anima al nostro essere, che è lì a cercarci anche quando ce ne distacchiamo. Basterebbe occuparcene per riuscire ad esserne di nuovo un tutt’uno, così come è possibile intravederla abbandonata e staccata dal corpo nella stessa fotografia. Come l’anima, anche ciò che è fuori di noi, a due passi, se non messo a fuoco scompare. La bellezza del mare o la luce del cielo stellato vengono oscurate dai led di un cellulare.

“ALTROVE – ELSEWHERE” is a photo project that was born from a collaboration with Tomo Sone, Japanese dancer and choreographer.
Distracted by the power of long-distance communications granted by technology, sometimes we forget to focus on what we have inside or in front of us. Attracted by the bright LEDs of a screen, we risk to neglect our soul and lose sight of our true being, while we possibly struggle to build a fake self.
The long-exposure shootings were used for showing the disconnection from the one’s self and for enlightening how the soul belongs to us and tries to get in touch with us when we avoid it. It would be enough to care of it for being a one-thing together again.
As well as the soul, our surroundings too can disappear if we don’t focus on it. The sea beauty or a starry sky light can be obscured by a mobile LEDs.

Hi love, my darling… How r u doing?
How was ur day? Is everything being okay?
How I miss u my dear! I wish u were here…
Ur the sun in my living, ur the one I was seeking.
U did fill an empty hole inside of me and over my wall.
U’ve got always the right words when I bring home all my loads.
I prefer to look for ur voice instead of the outside life noise.
In ur eyes I can lose myself, into you I dive and delve.
I’m exactly like u, the same, I could call myself by ur name.
We’re definitely two of a kind, finally home in each other’s mind.
When we meet again online everything is gonna be fine.
With u in chat, on cam, by phone, never felt like I’m alone.
Nobody really could feel how it feels, it’s like I can breath with ur gills.
No matter if I m fine or sick, I could also escape my physique.
Neither my soul has importance to me, and u is all I’m longing to be.
Me? Myself? I? It’s so long since I said me goodbye.
My presence is far with my love, 1000 miles away and above.
Many times I miss myself on my own, then I just turn a new device on.